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We proactively approach our practice with the understanding that Nigeria is a nation in transition from old socio-economic system and values to a new legal order. We understand and recognize the compelling need for fast-paced, creative and yet result-driven response to emerging challenges which are either government policy driven or business driven.

Synergy Attornies
Our Value Delivery Strategy

We are an integrity brand and we place premium on the highest commitment to ethics of the legal profession.

We make deliberate commitment to benchmarking our practice with internationally acceptable standards in the legal practice.

We have a robust framework for outsourcing requisite expertise where we identify internal skill gap (advising firming-out of briefs where our client may get better value by that option).

Our brief and clientele profile are reasonably diversified, helped by combining with other quality law firms to execute briefs to enhance competitive quality service.

We adopt result-centred and most efficient service delivery system. In this wise, our clients are assisted to pre-empt and anticipate legal problems. We recommend litigation only as a last resort when other alternatives have been exhausted

Save in exceptional cases, we do not work on locked retainership in order to stay free of limitation to our professional independence.

We constantly monitor profiles of other top rated law firms in our jurisdiction and across the region for necessary collaboration with us either as consultants or as brief specific partners.

Synergy Attornies

Clients will naturally find that our legal practice internalizes and reflects sensitivity to best practices as well as the need to optimize local options in global opportunities.

Trial and Appellate Courts Advocacy
The firm has built a brand reputation for its strength in general litigation. Its wealth of experience, expertise and competence is owed to fruitful years of diligent and professional presentation of client’s dispute in both trial and appellate courts and also in administrative panels, inquiries and tribunals all over the country. Our general litigation practice covers Commercial Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Investment Law, Intellectual Property Law and Election Petition related matters. We are privileged to have been involved in some of the most topical constitutional-based litigations leading to amendments to the 1999 Constitution and judicial pronouncements on uncharted territories in the Nigerian Constitution. Our robust election petition practice has naturally seen us shape the jurisprudence of election litigation in Nigeria as our footprint is seen in many of the notable election litigation cases since the turn of the millennium.Recently, together with a consortium of law firms, we helped to provide judicial clarity on the constitutionality of remote hearings by activating the original jurisdiction of the Nigerian Supreme Court.
Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
We encourage our clients to explore other dispute resolution mechanisms such as – negotiation, mediation, conciliation and where appropriate, arbitration. Litigation is recourse of last resort only after applicable ADR options have been fully considered. This we do without compromising our client’s interest.
Foreign Judgment and Award Enforcement Services
Our team has, in appropriate circumstances, assisted recipients of foreign judgments and awards give effect to the judgments and awards in our jurisdiction. Foreign judgments are enforced in Nigeria by virtue of the Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act 2004. There are however local peculiarities that militate against enforcement of judgment from some jurisdictions particularly outside of commonwealth and the United States. Our long pedigree is this area enables us to spot and proactively manage such complexities.
Law Reform Advocacy and Legislative Lobbying
In line with our belief that “only just laws can vindicate righteousness”, and our commitment to using law as a tool of social engineering, we are always in the forefront of the legislative advocacy by partnering with stakeholders in the legislative and law reform sectors to develop new legislations and review older ones to bring them in line with modern realities. We take pride in our leading role in the drafting of the Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act (STIMA) 2017 - a pilot legislation which for the first time provided a legal framework for small businesses and individuals to access credit with the use of movable assets. That intervention remains a bold print of our commitment to using legislations to solve societal problems.
Corporate and Investment Services
A good number of our in-house associates are accredited with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other professional bodies. We offer a wide range of services on behalf of our clients, such as: company registration and incorporation, registration of business names and incorporated trustees, statutory fillings and returns, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture transactions, public policy formulation and implementation and other regulatory issues. Our professional services also extend to the recovery of loan/debt and excessive charges, perfection and execution of trade, financial and commercial agreements. Our strongest footprint however is the area of lender-liability.
Intellectual Property Services
We are an accredited agent of the Registry of Trademarks, Patent and Industrial Designs. We assist clients with registration, enforcement, transfer and revalidation of trademarks; registration and renewal of patents and designs; establishing and defending claims related to Intellectual Property Rights in court, arbitral panels or trademarks Tribunal. The firm provides additional services of negotiating and drafting intellectual property-related agreements and proffering advice on the commercialisation of intellectual property rights. We also conduct intellectual property asset audits and provide advisories on brand protection mechanisms.
Solicitors/Advisory Support Service
Our team offers general advisory services and bespoke legal opinion tailored to our clients’ needs on various matters in diverse legal aspects of emerging local and international investment opportunities such as: Oil and Gas, Telecoms & Information Technology, Financial and Investment Laws and Intellectual Property.
Pro Bono Services
Passionate about the promotion of the rule of law and fostering of natural justice, we provide free legal services to indigent persons with genuine claims who would otherwise have had their rights trampled upon without remedy. We are currently in partnership with NGOs in support of advocacy in the area of Women and Children’s rights.

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